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Firefox Extension Delivers Monero Cryptocurrency Miner Firefox Extension Delivers Monero Cryptocurrency Miner. NJCCIC Alert. Original Release Date: 2018-02-01. A malicious Firefox extension, dubbed Image Previewer, displays popups and delivers an in-browser cryptocurrency miner to unsuspecting users. Websites masquerading as Firefox updates push the add-on to end users through persistent JavaScript Crypto Me0wing Attacks: Kitty Cashes in on Monero | Imperva May 02, 2018 Ramnit delivers XMRig Monero Miner – SonicWall

Researchers identify the first in-the-wild exploit of the BlueKeep vulnerability nearly six months after it was disclosed. Background. On November 2, security researchers Kevin Beaumont (@GossiTheDog) and Marcus Hutchins (@MalwareTechBlog) confirmed the first in-the-wild exploitation of CVE-2019-0708, also known as BlueKeep.Analysis

With this miner you can easily mine cryptocurrencies [Monero (XMR)](https:// and [Electroneum (ETN)]( on any stratum  17 Sep 2019 A new threat actor named “Panda” has generated thousands of dollars worth of the Monero cryptocurrency through the use of remote access  26 May 2019 The malware then installs and runs Monero cryptocurrency miner on the system, while terminating all other instances of cryptocurrency miners  No one knows for certain how much cryptocurrency is mined through malware it has found are crypto miners, including the top two: Coinhive and Cryptoloot. Hackers tend to prefer anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash over  

A North Korean Monero Cryptocurrency Miner AlienVault labs recently analysed an application compiled on Christmas Eve 2017. It is an Installer for software to mine the Monero crypto-currency. Any mined currency is sent to Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, North Korea.

In February 2018, several Russian nuclear scientists were arrested for allegedly mining cryptocurrencies using computing resources located at a Russian nuclear warhead facility. Globally, cryptominers are rapidly increasing and spreading for an obvious reason: it’s lucrative. Mimikatz and Eternalblue to Spread Monero Miner | FAS Data ... Nov 17, 2017

10 Dec 2019 The attack, which deployed a new Monero cryptocurrency miner, used PowerShell, reflective PE injection, run-time code compilation and Tor 

28 Feb 2019 The company said in a blog post that current prices for Monero, its favoured cryptocurrency, made mining operations unviable. “Some of you  8 Mar 2019 According to the Coinhive team, the fall in the hash rate of Monero, along with the crash of the cryptocurrency market, was the deciding factor. 12 Nov 2018 Figure 1: The price of cryptocurrency Monero peaked at the beginning of 2018. The total samples of coin miner malware continue to grow. 20 Apr 2018 Cyber-criminals are looking at cryptocurrency miners as a faster way to Monero is the cryptocurrency of choice for cyber-criminals of late. 28 Feb 2018 rTorrent Client Exploited In The Wild To Deploy Monero Crypto-Miner. article. 8 min. read. By Andrey Shalnev. F5 threat researchers detected  5 Jan 2019 Coinminers (also called cryptocurrency miners) are programs that generate Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies that are  mid-September, 2017, after CoinHive launched its mining service. CoinHive's initial version allowed website owners to install Monero coin miners using a simple 

With this miner you can easily mine cryptocurrencies [Monero (XMR)](https:// and [Electroneum (ETN)]( on any stratum 

Mimikatz and Eternalblue to Spread Monero Miner | FAS Data ... Nov 17, 2017 The Pirate Bay is back at cryptocurrency mining again